Tuesday, July 16, 2013

No Heat Beachy Wavy Hair

Alohaa my lovelies In my very first post, I show you how to get this super easy No Heat Beachy Wavy Hair.

This hairstyle gives your precious locks the break it needs from those curling irons and straighteners. There is an accompanying video so please check that out!

The steps are outlined below:

Step 1: Shower—The power a shower can give your hair is wonderfulll. This hairstyle requires fresh clean locks to start off with in order to give your waves the bounce they need. Trust me, you don’t want oil and dirt weighing them down!

Step 2: Wait until your hair is about 80% dry before you brush it—Brushing your hair when it’s completely wet is so horrible for your hair since it’s vulnerable to breakage and damage. I recommend it to be at least 75-80% dry so then your hair is not as vulnerable. 

Step 3: Brush, brush, brush—Brush your hair until you’re tangle-free! This also reduces the amount of frizz in this hairstyle. 

Step 4: Part your hair and separate it into two sections—You want both sections to be of equal amounts.

Step 5: Braid each section and secure them with a hair tie/elastic—The tighter the braid, the tighter the wave, and vice versa for looser waves.

Step 6: Sleep…zZzzzZzz—This is the easiest step! 
Step 7: Wake up and take out each braid—You should already see the wavy hair effect at this point.

Step 8: Mess around with your hair until it’s the way you want it to look—Run your fingers through your hair, flip your hair upside down, shake it, then flip back up and voila! You’ve now achieved the No Heat Beachy Wavy Hair look! You can use whatever styling products you want in order to maintain this hairstyle, but I usually don’t do anything. At most, I use a sea salt spray if I feel one of my waves needs a boost.

Hope these steps were helpful!
♥♥ Winona