Friday, December 12, 2014

DIY: Ugly Christmas Sweater 2014 (Abominable Snowmonster)

It's tradition that every year during the holidays I make an ugly Christmas sweater. This year was no different, and not only did I make one ugly Christmas sweater, I made two!

I won my first tacky sweater contest with this one below:

 It's the Grinch sneaking into a house to steal Christmas presents LOL!

And then the one below is probably my favorite so far:
It's the Abominable Snowmonster of the North all tangled up in Christmas lights with Christmas tree halves in each hand!

I didn't film a tutorial on the Grinch one, but if you want your own Abominable Snowmonster Ugly Christmas Sweater, then check it out below :)

What You'll Need!
-White, red, black, brown, and light blue felt (4 for $1 @ Hobby Lobby)
-Glue gun
-Sweater of your choice ($5 @ Walmart)
-Pack of LED battery-operated lights ($2.99 @ CVS)
-White fluffy fabric

-Star jewels
-Candy cane pipe cleaners
-Little white pom poms

Check out how to make it down belooow!

 ❄ Happy Holidays! ❄