Saturday, August 10, 2013

DIY: Magazine Flats

So I have a couple pair of shoes that I don’t wear anymore because they’re either A) Old/Worn down or B) Don't match my style anymore. I came across the cool idea of cutting out comic book pictures and gluing them on your shoes with Mod Podge to revamp your old shoes. I was inspired! I grabbed some flats that had some studs missing and got started! I substituted the comic books with magazines since I didn't have any comic books. This is perfect to do when you’re watching TV LOL (Teen Wolf anyone?). I finally gave my flats the shoe makeover they needed :) Not bad for my first time using Mod Podge ;)

What You’ll Need:

-Old flats/Flats you don’t wear anymore
-Paint/Sponge brush
-Mod Podge

WARNING: This project can get a tad messy so make sure to do this on a surface you don't mind getting glue and magazine scraps on! (I used a trash bag)

Step 1- Prepare your shoes. If your shoes have studs on them like mine/anything else you don't want on them, take them off. My flats had studs on them, so I took them off. You want your shoe surface to be smooth and clean.

Step 2- Cut out pictures you want from your magazine. I suggest cutting more than necessary because it doesn't hurt to have extras. Also, only cut out pictures that can fit on your shoes!

Step 3- Choose which magazine clipping you want to place first, and be sure you know what position you want it to be in. 

Step 4- With your paint/sponge brush, apply Mod Podge at the place where you decided you wanted your clipping. You can also just apply Mod Podge to the back of the clipping instead of applying it to your shoe. Your preference!

Step 5- Take your picture and paste it on. Make sure the picture is smoothed down as much as possible to your shoe surface. Try not to have any edges peeling up. Continue to do this with the rest of your clippings until your shoes are covered up to your satisfaction.

Step 6- Apply Mod Podge all over your shoes. The Mod Podge goes on white but dries clear, so don't worry :) This will be your first of a total of five coats.

Step 7- Wait 15-20 minutes for the coat to dry. Once dry, apply the second coat of Mod Podge. Wait to dry. Repeat until you've done five coats. Please don't forget to let each coat dry for the appropriate amount of time before applying the next!

Step 8- After all coats are done drying, wait 24 hours before you actually wear them. This minimizes the chance of the Mod Podge cracking and lets it settle :)

Hope this DIY gives your shoes new life too! :)
♥♥ Winona

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