Saturday, October 19, 2013

DIY: BOOtastic Nails

Hello helloo! In this DIY, I show you how to achieve this very simple and easy Halloween nail look. It features ghosts making all sorts of faces :)

And yes, I know that around my nails are a bit messy because sometimes your nail polish can go a little crazy and I'm not perfect. Luckily, we have q-tips and nail polish remover to fix this ;). Okay! Onto the tutorial! You'll need the following:
-Base coat (dollar store purchase)
-White nail polish (mine is from Urban Outfitters, but the dollar store has some also)
-Black acrylic paint (I used poster paint but I don't recommend it! Use acrylic instead)
-Dotting tool (purchased online but you can just use a filed-down toothpick)
-Top coat (dollar store purchase)

Steps can be watched in my video down below :D Hope you like this Halloween nail look!

Have a BOOtastic Day!
♥♥ Winona

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