Wednesday, June 18, 2014

HOW TO: Revamp Your Dresser!

 What's NEW my friends?!

I always love changing up my room now and then because sometimes you just want something new you know? But the one thing that somehow managed to remain the same was my dresser...

Don't get me wrong, I love the color purple, but my dresser had been purple ever since that fateful day my mom decided to spray paint it years ago when I was in elementary school. Now, I'm 21, so it's time for a change! ;) And when you need ideas, Pinterest is always a lovely treasure trove. I saw a pin on mod podging scrapbook paper on your drawers, and I had to give it a shot! Here's how my attempt turned out:

And I'm totally in L-♥-V-E! Each drawer is different, and I even decided to keep up the not-one-theme theme for my mirror too! My room really brightened up since all of the designs are funky and colorful ☺ This project was totally worth all of the $15 I spent! 

What You'll Need!
-Scrapbook paper (got mine on sale for $9.99 at JoAnn, can find at Hobby Lobby and Michaels also--make sure to use coupons because they almost always have 40% off ones)
-Mod podge (love this stuff! purchased a big one for around $5 at JoAnn--use the 40% off coupon)


Winona ☺

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